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The restaurant offers a varied menu, refined wines, fresh produce and daily suggestions. All our dishes are homemade.

Opening times :


Every day of the week,
from 11am to 2.30pm, and from 6:30pm to 10pm.
Services from 12:00 to 2:00pm and from 7:30pm to 9pm.
Closed on Sunday evening.

The Midi Package

Coffee and Wine Included


Package from 12.00€

Cheese Quiche




Starter of the day

Lomo - French Fries


Fish of the Week - Green Beans


Today's special


Cottage Cheese


Vanilla Cream


Dessert of the Day




Menu Découverte


Landaise Salad

Salad, dried duck breasts, duck gizzards, piquillos and croutons.


Veal Axoa & Potatoes Grenailles


Cod, Cream of Lettuce with Wasabi and Black Rice


Tiramisu with Chestnut Cream


Espelette Chocolate Mousse with Espelette Chilli Pepper and Homemade Whipped Cream




Menu des Producteurs


In collaboration with the Ferme des Acacias d'Urt


Charcuteries from the Ferme des Acacias

Lomo, Ham, Sausage and Pâté


Parmentier of Boudin with Two Apples



Local Cheeses

Bleu des Basques and Goat cheese


Cut two scoops of ice cream Goat/Cherry and Patxaran and Homemade Whipped Cream



And of course, our entire restaurant menu, to be consulted below!



Restaurant Menu


Terrine and Tatin of Foie Gras                                 14.50€

Terrine, and Pan-Fried Foie Gras on mini Caramel Tatin Tart Salted Butter

Goat Trio                                                              13.90€

Chavignol candy in brick sheet, breaded Chavignol puck, Chavignol nest in Kadaïf, salad and honey

Scallops with Chorizo Cream                                   14.90€



The Whole Royal Sea Bream                                   22.00€

Cod, Black Rice, and Cream of Lettuce with Wasabi  18.50€



Parmentier of Boudin with Two Apples                     17.00€

Duck Pastilla                                                         19.50€



Cheese Trilogy and Black Cherry Jam                        7.00€

Pic d'Anie   Chestnut Cream Mousse                               7.00€

Gourmet Coffee                                                       6.80€

La Brasserie



Assorted Charcuteries from Ferme des Acacias             10.00€

Landaise Salad             8.50€                                     12.50€



The Vegetarian Dish                                                   12.50€

Roasted Camembert and Charcuteries (to share or not) 16.50€

Mussels with cream and French fries                            13.00€

Sucking-pig (from Ferme des Acacias)                         18.00€

Beef Tartar                                                                18.50€

The Complete Dish                                                     16.50€

Rib of Beef (for 2 people, about 1.2kg)                        47.00€

Rib steak (about 200 gr.)                                            17.50€

    Supplement Bleu des Basques Sauce or Foie Gras Sauce         +2.00€


All our dishes can be served with a choice of Green Beans, Potatoes Grenaille cooked in duck fat, rice, green salad or homemade French Fries.



Crème Brûlée                                                              5.00€

Espelette Chocolate Mousse with Espelette Chilli Pepper and Homemade Whipped Cream                                         6.50€

Chocolate Moelleux                                                      6.00€

Tiramisu with Chestnut Cream                                      6.00€

Ice creams and sorbets from the Master Glacier Craftsman: 

1 Scoop : 3.50€            2 Scoops : 5.00€              3 Scoops: 6.50€

Ice cream: Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Goat/Cherry, Chocolate Espelette Pepper, Glazed Chestnut.  

Sorbets: Bounti, Cactus and  Lime, Lemon and Basil Leaf, Strawberry and Sweet Mint, Patxaran.

House Whipped Whipped cream Supplement                 1.50€                 

Kid's menu


Chopped steak or duck aiguillettes and French fries                                        8.50€

Accompanied by a glass of drink and an ice cream scoop or chocolate mousse


Contact us for more information :

05 59 56 94 90

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